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These Navajo-made ornaments are hand-sewn and painted in traditional colors and accented using tied branches as a finishing touch.  Beautiful and unique, each adds a charming accent to any tree, window, or doorway. 


  • 1 Ornament
  • Each piece is signed by artist Peter Ray James
  • Choose between Bear, Buffalo, Horse, or Yi Bi Chai
  • 3.5" (L) / Yi Bi Chai:  4" (L)
  • Due to being handmade, colors and patterns may vary
  • Authentic Native American Art


Bear:  The bear is believed to be very powerful and also is a great warrior.  The bear is also considered to be capable of curing illness.


Horse:  The horse is regarded as a member of the family.


Buffalo:  The Bullafo is to remind us of abundance and is a powerful medicine.


Yi Bi Chai:  The Navajo talking God and leader of the Yeibichai dancers who appears on the 9th day and last night of the healing ceremony.  The corn signifies life and prayer for a rich harvest.



Native American Navajo Ornament

SKU: P2929