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This glow in the dark Fairy Lantern will light the way for fairies to gather at night.  No batteries needed, just a little sun (and some magic) to make it glow.  Handcrafted using natural materials and decorated in all the fancy trimmings that fairies love. 


  • Artist:  Krista Silver
  • Stands approx. 4" - 5" High
  • Suitable for gentle outdoor environments under protected areas.
  • One-of-a-kind and Handcrafted
  • Allow up to 7-10 days for shipping


Authentically Handmade - The images shown are examples; there may be slight variations in accessories and design.


About the artist:  Krista incorporates all natural and recycled materials into her creations, pulling you into a world where Fairies, Dragons, and all things enchanting reside.



Fairy Garden Glow Lantern Light

SKU: WW23109